Kurabu is a cloud-based platform that allows sport organizations to better manage their affairs – from onboarding members to scheduling trainings to sending out invoices. It basically offers clubs a simple way to digitize their operations without hiring their own tech teams.
Kurabu is its own standalone entity now, but it started out as a side project from Code & Co. – where I serve as Head of Engineering. I was assigned to the project on Day One and helped build out its web and mobile platforms over the following 18 months. At that point, the product had grown to a size and scale that merited its separation into an independent company, although I continued to make sporadic contributions over the next couple of years.
Kurabu web platform, alongside the mobile app

Kurabu web platform, alongside the mobile app.

We wrote the backend of the application in Phoenix (Elixir), which was my first foray into the world of functional programming. To this day, it continues to have an influence on how I think about state and mutable data (not to mention of the joys of working with pipe operators!). The mobile app was written in React Native and is now widely used on both iOS and Android.